About Saddle Creek

The underlying appeal of the brand Saddle Creek Clothing lies in the striking designs, vibrant colours and the quality of the fabrics. Our coastal roots and British heritage are core to the culture of the company, designing clothing that epitomises British casual luxury with the fundamental sporting theme running through all the clothes designs.

The fabrics used are key to the ethos of the company; we specialise in the use of bamboo cotton to make all of our garments. This material is very soft, smooth and comfortable and has a luxurious feel as well as being more environmentally friendly than normal cotton. Bamboo fabric is growing in popularity because it has many unique properties, such as being antibacterial and more sustainable than all other textile fibres. We do not use 100% bamboo in our clothing, as it needs to be mixed with another material in order for it to retain its shape and fit. Therefore we have decided upon a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton to gain the best feel. Bamboo cotton is like wearing smooth cashmere next to your skin, but softer.